Small Changes in home decor, Big changes in Lifestyle

“When it rains, it pours.” Covid-19 poured on the entire planet and the recuperation period for it to settle will be a long haul.

Everyone is cooped in their homes, venturing out just for a breath of fresh air. In times like this, small changes in home decor can provide a fresh feeling, breaking from the monotony and rejuvenate your mind. 

While buying new decor may not be the right investment for some, I will be sharing some ideas of the decor changes that you can make to your home, using existing accessories and furniture. 

Idea 1: Flip – Flop, Switch it up:

Since the Covid-19 remote learning and work from home order in March, my family and I (5 humans and 1 fido) have all been co-existing and interacting under the same roof for 24 hours, literally. The first few weeks were a breeze, it was almost like we were all getting reacquainted. We would sit down in the living room and talk at length. Our living room is set to hold 10-12 people at a time. Furniture is spread out and is a setting for watching TV or entertaining friends. For the 5+1 of us it felt too open and not cozy enough. Though the kids wanted to sit and converse more, they would tend to pick up the remote to watch TV instead.

Before > After

My husband and I started noticing that the kids looked forward to the time when we all would sit together to talk about our day. We moved our evening chats to our morning room where we had a much cozier set up. The room is sized to be lengthier but the width is debatable. The kids would get antsy and irritated with each other as they almost sat on each other… Trust me irritated kids are the most irritating.

So after a lot of thinking, we had a simple solution. We have a formal dining area where we have a formal large table that we seldom used. One Saturday morning, we switched the usage of the rooms. We moved the couches and set them up in the formal dining and moved our formal dining furniture to the sunroom, which is by the kitchen. Boy, one simple switch of furniture from one room to the other and the look of our home was a fresh welcome of change.

Since this switch, we spend most of our weekends in the newly set up area which my kids have branded as Living Room 2. It is spread out just enough to give everyone room to breathe, while also giving a feeling of coziness.

A simple switch in and around your home can give it a fresh look and can be a refreshing change for the whole family.